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The wind still smells the same
and brings nothing
but all my memories in one shot
down the gust, down my guts.
Time is flying inside me
one shot, strong spirit
drawing back my stomach
from under the soils.
Another internal flight,
another domestic crawl.


The cold still feels the same
and brings home
a suitcase that’s heavier than me
starting now
snow will punch holes in me
will patch me with holy
shared from winters in.
Love organs:
another all-white horizon,
another night on the sofa.


If it hasn’t killed me leaving
will have worn out
my string of days, so fragile
of a hundred twenty five million hai‘s
before my eyes. What’s close
is not even able to make it
-self another place among them,
another pace among traps.


If it hasn’t awakened me coming home
will have called me again,
recalled the string of years, the knots, the ribbons
and balls behind the sofa.
Being back is leaving again
in the past, in the vast
nothingness that’s pretense of nostalgia
that my eyes sniff in those cities of yes‘s
and yet without finding
anything else than wanderlust,
anything else than punishment.


Deliberate, my exiles stick
a bar into my mouth
a nail into my foot
and my other, rusty.
Every cure will have to be
geographic, metallic.
There’s an earth spinning around me,
months pass but don’t stop.
Other red leaves straight in my teeths,
other dead words rummaging in.


Deliberate, my escapes smash
a shot of wine down my throat
waste this body that’s suffering
too much alcohol.
Strangled memories,
estranged futures.
« Paris is spitting on us », he said
with love in his eyes
and am I not also
just another nostalgia hunter,
just another raincloud stirrer?

*This poem has been published in its original French version in the magazine La Tribune juive. I am still working on this English translation, but because the theme of this week’s dVerse Poets Pub is exile, I thought I could share it with you.

To my dear Arman & Mélodie

Cancelled vacation waved like a form
a disease, Montréal-like vibe.

His Copenhagen waved like a flag
a regret, Oslo-night colour.

Their Berlin, vibrant still like a wave
regretted, cemetery days.

Poems written for FormForAll, dVerse Poets Pub. Photos taken at Camellia Sinensis teahouse, and modified with Instagram.

Here is a post inspired by Tracey Grumbach‘s picture below, for tonight’s dVerse Poets Pub. Enjoy, and have a good Saturday evening.

On this tweaky hour
although we had hands pointing at
various skies we
couldn’t find the middle of

Away for twelve hours
already we had killed two birds with
various stones we
couldn’t help leaving one in lieu of

We avoided rush hour
all the way we rushed to get where
various angles were softened
we found skies of dots and lines

Oh all that’s ours
always leaves fleeting out
various trajectories we
can’t help seeing circles