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i slip under the door, leaving
them to someone else’s care
as i don’t

who’s left for me
tell me

as i wear ochre and black
every day that i’m walking
a forest of skinned bodies)

don’t talk to me i’m busy
i’m already in disguise
can’t you see?
i’m crying

is it that
whoever drifted away from sight
is considered dead
by the whitest soul?
tell me ’cause
i’m innocent

and lost
tell me
who’s left for me
to cry for?
who’s left
to cry for

i don’t care
i’m sipping tea, and
slipping rose petals under gateways
i’m going to walk through soon
when i had enough
of burying myself
under heaps of earth-
en ware

when i hit home
my cry will let you all
know —


*** Oh, and here’s the link to today’s prompt at dVerse poets pub! We had to take the colo(u)r wheel, and play with colo(u)r symbolism. Believe it or not as my poem is sad, but I had a lot of fun including colo(u)rs into it. Make sure you check out on a few other poets’ contributions too!
By the way the picture was taken by me (and instagrammed) during a walk in Old Montreal. I wish I knew who made this beautiful doorart. ***


Her heart on the brink of
exploding concrete
she wanted to fight through
the woman in her
the bramble on her
but she counted her colours
as blessings instead.

her knuckles as she ruffled
depleted bones
and their crushed leaves.

a lock catching her wild eye
her least favourite colour
her own hues.

her envy of bright gold
bullions in her pockets
to ground her in oolong leaves.

the heart of the problem
sowing too many beats
around the saddened bush.

her head blossoming
in all different directions
violet – was she dancing.

her sleep so tight and dear
a grip of delusions and falls
on top of her world.

And back to white
morning light that saw her temple
shining through her bark
who was she now

who was she not
risen from a day of painful strokes
on her inside skin
and left gazing at another reflection
of her own tortured being
on the sky’s infinite

*Contribution to dVerse Poets Pub – Artwork by SueAnn*

In the subways I
I learnt to thrive
and you told me we’d never survive
grab your town’s handles we’re leaving

(we’re living
in a song
we’re living
in an arcade that’s out loud
that’s in there down there)

We’re moving past
we’re already passed

(there’s no such thing as staying
doors close anywhere around you
of tripping fingers)

And all of the walls they built in the sixties never fall
and all of the art they built in the sixties never fall

(we fall on them
stick to them as flies attracted
primarily by colours)

Sometimes I can’t believe it

(and I don’t)

I’m moving into the night

(and as we fade we become
the same exact hue as
every other passenger)

BONUS TRACK (from 57,5 [ajku])
Ciel couleur métro
mes pas me mènent encore là
où je ne vais pas

*This poem was inspired by today’s dVerse Poets Pub and their inspiring prompt: Subway. As I am fond of my own town’s metro -Montréal- I wanted to share these poems and pictures (modified with Instagram) that represent it well. Please put some Arcade Fire and move to their sounds… as you wonder if you should fall asleep with the rumble or wake up with bright colours. And don’t forget to read other poets’ poems as well!*

(This poem integrates a few modified quotes from the song The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire.)