I am a lunar girl
every single one of my steps is lit
when nobody else’s is

when everybody else is


I am at work, gazing
into the past that’s
decreasing and the
future that’s all the same

– cause I know you all from the past,
where we’ll return to –

I am no sunshine girl
wearing more than half a suntanned face
at a time, taking off
even at night

– cause you know how the song goes,
and how we used to be –


at the northeastern corner
of a circle that’s
hard to explain geometrically
just like
other things real

I am a lunar girl
whose nimble feet are lit, sandals
and pain
at the tip of my toes, dainty

– cause we all know how blessed light-
ness is
after dark nights of


This poem was written for tonight’s dVerse Poets Pub, which is about trips. This week’s theme inspired me so much I had to scribble something and come out with it, even though I have a hard time editing and viewing my texts tonight – see you guys tomorrow for the reading and commenting part.