You got to love this country as much as me – do. I know « as much » is a bad formula, one fed to newborns to this land and language, but on Holidays you can’t ask for too much of me.

And all my prepositions went wild for a spilt second (this expression is not mine but I can’t recall whose – sorry, please read my entire TL to know). Coffee and split sight sure are a panacea for the day’s festive atmosphere.

A sun ray woke me up this morning. In fact, it arose my eyes before my consciousness, and I had a light circle heavily stamped on my left eyesight. The kind that foreshadows many headaches to come, caffeines to crave, story endings to discover.

And this national holiday ends up – again – being apolitical, almost aphoristical as I am trying so much to write, to write so much. In spite of my limitations, or should I say, with my limitations in mind.

Why am I writing in English anyway? Is this a political choice? Just wandering.

Canada, our land of promised auroras, my land of waving auras. Land of moose or muses, country of more or less. 

I just don’t know what to say. Should go out and get some light. An illumination is coming, I sense it; such an opportunity ought not to be missed. 

And I’ll go moving around discarded flags and furniture, drawing circles in the air like a princess, watching intently what fellow Montrealers are making out of this Canada Day.