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*The contest is over… I used RANDOM.ORG to generate a random number… and the 2nd comment (chronologically) won! Bravo à Patrick Levesque, de! Thank you so much to all of you for your participation!*

It’s National Poetry Month (chez nos voisins états-uniens), and I am taking part in Kelli Agodon’s Big Poetry Giveaway!

Ce mois d’avril, je sors (encore!) mon meilleur langage de vente – ou plutôt de don – et j’offre deux livres à une des personnes qui commentera cet article. Oui, deux livres : un des miens, soit Le Cahier mauve, et une de mes lectures récentes favorites en anglais, soit Pleiades, by Sui Solitaire.

I chose Sui’s book because of both its (her!) crude honesty and ability to show how fragile human beings and their relationships are. Sui plays with English sounds gracefully, in a way that I would like to be able to emulate. She is beautiful.

Quant au Cahier mauve… il s’agit de l’oeuvre d’un départ, d’un retour au Japon, lequel meuble les pages de ses mots noirs. Le design en a été assuré par l’épatante Cheval-Marcel, qui y a infusé sa douceur et sa touche féminine (dis-je en me disant que c’est comme si je disais que je n’étais pas féminine… bon). She is beautiful, we are both beautiful too.

Well, in other -English- words, one of you is going to get two (paper)books just by commenting this post. And by « comment », I mean I’d like you to answer this question:

What are two good poetry books that shook you to the core? Pouvez-vous me donner le titre et l’auteur de deux livres de poésie qui vous ont profondément ébranlé?

(Two books in two different languages if you can!)

Vous avez tout le mois pour (trouver, lire des recueils de poésie et) répondre! I will draw (randomly) one comment, and the person will be sent the two books. Don’t forget your name, and email or Twitter account.

Merci et bonnes lectures!

PSsss If you are a blogger-poet too and would like to give away poetry as well, here is how to participate (on Book of Kells, Kelli Agodon’s blog).

Winter has started at last, and so has my life, or so it seems.

November had stretched and stretched for too long – hibernation had to end. And the child heart had to come back – the one that’s pushing colleagues in the snow, jumping over snow benches, not caring about borrowing phrases from one language to another, not caring about anything at all, in a way.

The weight of the snow is slowing me down when I’m walking, leaving me more time for a few reflections. A few dances, too, hidden under pretended slips on the coat of ice.

Winter has reminded me that I was happy. Winter has reminded me that I could choose my happiness. That I had to choose it, somehow.

What does that mean? I need to say yes to what makes my heart pump. I know I need both extremes to live; I’d already come to that conclusion earlier. Today, it meant dream through two extra hours of sleep – sip through a latte made by loving hands – stumble upon great poetry I don’t understand and love the fact that I don’t understand it – and later, go dancing in the snow, under starry and city lights.

But I’m not only saying yes to the weekends. I say yes to the purpose I’ve had for a year full-time now: My job as a French teacher, and the numerous connections revolving around it. My life is not about looking perfectly white and brilliant in front of a blackboard; It’s about giving whatever I have – knowledge, patience, empathy, encouragement – to students and see them move forward. (Even see them cut through a snow bench sometimes.)

Thanks to Sui Solitaire and her book the thing about thin for that smooth reminder. (A book review coming up on this blog!)

It may all be about jumping out from oneself and see things differently. For my part, I’ll step into the snow, where the cold bites… and brings back to life.

Maybe I was just meant to make angels. I’ll make mine, and then help a couple angels make themselves.

Let’s help each other, OK?