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Bottles by Borg de Nobel / / used with permission /

The best bottles remain hidden deep down in history
of the self-
contained people and words, self-
Sometimes they do come back floating
(because they’re obviously empty
of liquor and passion)
and when they cross the line
between white lies, dregs, and what-
ever lies beneath
your breath charges itself
with flavors you thought you had already let go of.
Red is the background to your battle
and is the path to reclaiming your head.
Red is the look you give whenever you focus
on the box of your life that you opened,
and puked on your own shoe-
There are bottles we might as well
keep locked under the sea
with their words and labels in and on
and run away from the beach
as there were better tomorrows
stored in glass somewhere
for us to take home.

* Thank you to dVerse Poets Pub and their prompt for today, Borg de Nobel‘s work. Please have a look at their websites. *

Bursting as birches do
I am left on my own
Out of town
Most of my life has just passed away in a bonfire

Blurrying as blushes do
I am staying here in the mess of woods
I’ll build myself a house out of
A sky so blown
As a rooftop under which I’ll carry on
Picture after picture

I guess I’ll just pour myself some tea
Under leaves and heaps
Over lush
Let me disappear in between
Let me connect until I liquefy into mud

Spread on a bark with a brush

Blent in with moist

(Reena’s whole article here)

This poem has been prompted by Reena Walkling’s picture – thanks to dVerse Poets Pub and their prompt of today.