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En tout cas, des poèmes en 5 lignes. Un
soir de chauffage, de tisane et de poil. Originally published on my Twitter account, @meme_aimee.

tu me dis si seulement
je te dis c’est mieux pas
pour toi
l’histoire se retourne
contre moi

ajouter des espaces dans un poème
laisser les mots respirer
à ma place

créer de l’espace entre mes omoplates
là où l’amour est
juste comme il faut
(pas) aimer

rose d’automne et
jour des morts si près
ce soir le thé me rappelle
à la vie
aux morts

i’d like to love
but i don’t know how
(not) to
stay all open
to heartwaves

life is just a matter
of timing
we are scattering ourselves
in all directions, expecting
to be crossed

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I no longer write / long poems
Je peux pus / écrire au long

Je redouble d’intensité / je vis
I intensify / I live / I see

the open field / of my dreams
le champ s’ouvre / je rêve

de thé / et d’eau fraiche
tea flows / as fresh as water

I run / to this poem’s fall
toute bonne chute / a une fin

la mienne n’est pas / écrite
so many ends / left to write



mon coeur s’emballe / pour moi
and then my heart / unwraps itself



I thought the clouds / would fit
Suis-je trop / pour les nuages

There’s something on the ground like fallen heartflakes that strangers trip upon. So many tears shed in the last two years, two whole cycles of slowly getting up and avoiding to crush her own body parts. Now she was almost able to say, « Here is my chin. See? »

With her chin down there were advantages: She could probe sidewalk cracks for darkness to compare hers with, she could see more shit than most people do on a normal day, … and she could notice how nature’s fall had laid a carpet to make her life a little softer.

Yes, that’s what life would do, always. No matter how red or grey or black or rocky her bed, there was hope. No matter if she had to lay down on cement to soothe her vertigo, there was a rise to come. No matter how shot through with rain and pain she was, there was beauty and pleasure to come, too. To come through.

Why was she crying again? Why was she laughing? The wind blew rotten memories along with lively ones, all before her feet so that she could imagine her future steps. Every leaf she walked on let out a sound, a light, a song for her to remember.

Re-member: Put back together limbs. To do so make sure they touch the ground, the walls, the sky first, then re-assemble with the help of some sort of joint.

All of a sudden she knew what she had to do. She bent down so swiftly her palm had to press itself against the ground, and then, despite the spin in and around her head, she carelessly picked up a handful of fallen leaves and twigs and rocks. Standing back up in a jump, she said,

« There comes my heart. Good to feel you back, heart. »