The following poem was prompted by James Rainsford‘s picture, Reflections. It is part of dVerse Poets Pub. Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to visit James’s website and the other poets present at the pub.

by James Rainsford

Reflections again

This time I didn’t see my reflection
lost in thoughts
as I was
tracing back V-shaped steps
-victory or loss-
pacing back grieving laps
-will or sallow-
I was inclined to weep.

That time I didn’t see my reflection either
in fact
lost in time
as I was
gazing back at juts of mist
-water or misery-
racing back at an impression
-your eyes not mine-
I found you and lost me.

Two reflections that I didn’t see
Two straight poles that I couldn’t stand
half-fallen as I was
already half-part of the
pondering world.